NTE Podcast: Midsummer Update

Short episode today.  Jay and I have both been so busy with projects that we couldn’t connect to record.  However, I wanted to make sure I got something out to you to let you know how things are going, not only with us, but in the construction industry in general.  

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Midsummer Update


Andrew Pace: Welcome to Non Toxic Environments podcast. My name is Andrew Pace every week my cohost Jay Watts and I will discuss healthier home improvement, ideas and options. Thank you for finding us and please enjoy the show 

Here we are folks as mid July peak of summer. It’s hot humid. Great summer so far. Hey folks, this is Andy Pace. I’m doing a solo show today due to a timing. We’ve been busy, we’ve been very busy and one of the reasons why I’m doing a solo show today is because I just can’t seem to find a hole in my schedule where I can plan a talk with Jay, but I needed to get something out to you folks to let you know what’s happening. I think we are at the peak of construction season. Usually this happens in May-June. I find that now here in July, because of COVID everything got pushed back a little bit. I thought I’d bring to your attention. Some things to think about right now. It’ll be a shorter show for this week, but let’s talk about material availability for projects. 

One of the things we’re seeing across the country is a shortage of building materials because of all the projects being done with people working from home these days, having more time to do things around the house. So there’s a shortage of lumber, shortage of dry wall. You can certainly find it, but it’s driving the price up supply and demand. With lumber, I just want to let you know that with a lumber shortage and or higher prices of lumber, you’re going to find that a lot of the material you see at the home improvement centers will be of substandard quality, uh, because they’re not taking the time to properly dry materials. We’re seeing a lot of mold on wood. I know we’ve talked about this in other shows, but this is really something to consider. If you’re getting underway with a new build right now, or a large remodeling project, be mindful of a mold that can grow on new wood relatively quickly after it’s been installed. 

This is going to be different based upon where in the country or in the world you’re doing your projects, but mold can grow on raw wood in a matter of days if left unchecked. So just be mindful of that. I also want to let you know that from a standpoint of what’s going on here at GDC, Green Design Center, with materials, we are fully back in stock now, there was a time because of the pandemic that we were having a hard time getting raw materials, or our manufacturers were having a hard time getting raw materials for like the Safecoat coatings or any of some of our flooring materials, but we are fully stocked back now. We feel that we can pretty much work on any size project without much delay. And that holds true with most of our flooring projects as well. 

Quite popular these days is the Amorim Wise product, both in a Wood Wise or Cork Wise for a while we were having a hard time getting that product from Portugal, but Amorim is a fully stocked now, we’re shipping from multiple locations, so we have no problem securing material for your project. 

The one thing that we’re still having a hard time getting these days is the, uh, air purification systems, not all of them and not all components of them, but we had a representative from Dynamic Air in here a few weeks ago to talk to us. And Dynamic is the manufacturer of the SolaceAir RS4 system that we absolutely love and highly endorse and use on just about every project we’re on. Um, we’re still having some shortages with the UV lights that go inside. 

All manufacturers of UV lights now are running behind because you’re still seeing these massive purchases by hospitals and healthcare facilities of these UV lights. You maybe have seen these now in schools or places of worship or large corporate centers. There are these companies now that are doing UV sanitization of surfaces through the use of UV lights. And so there’s been a lot of innovation in that industry in the last couple of months, which is awesome, but it’s causing a shortage across the country with these lamps that go into these residential units. So, we are working on that as diligently as possible. We’ll get them out to you as quick as possible. So what used to be something that we’d stock and ship relatively immediately might be a few days to a few weeks, just depends on when the order comes in. So be mindful of that when placing orders for projects. With the RS4 system, it’s quite possible to ship out the system without the lamp and have that installed at a separate time. If that makes the installation process go smoothly for you and your HVHC contractor. 

All right, beyond that, uh, I think everything else is pretty much in stock, we have a large, large shipment of the Deodoroc product coming in next week because of our interview last week with Trevor, from Deodoroc, all the inventory we had has gone. So thank you very much. We love the fact that you all listen and are excited to use the material. But you all have sold us out of it. So, which is great, we’re still waiting for the next batch, like I said, should be coming in early part of next week. We’ll be fully stocked with that. 

Beyond that we’ve gotten several new whole home clients, join us in the last week. We love it. We appreciate it. Just a shout out to everybody who works with us as a whole house consulting clients. Um, thank you for entrusting us with your healthy home build. It means the world to us, and we take it very, very seriously. I personally work with each and every client that’s building a healthy home to make sure that no stone is unturned, that every desire you have for building a healthy home is at least discussed. We’ll look at the pros and cons of different materials and different methods, and we’ll choose the one that makes the most sense, not only from a health standpoint, but aesthetically, budgetarily speaking, as well as timing wise because of the material shortages. 

So again, thank you so much for interest in me and our company with that monumentally important task of helping to build a healthy home for you and your family. And in this time, this day and age of pandemic and everything else that’s going on in this world, it’s more important than ever to have that healthy sanctuary, that healthy space that you can go home to go back to every single night and heal in from what the day brings you. And we want to help you with that project process. If you are curious about it, please feel free to reach out and ask as many questions as you need to until you’re comfortable. It’s something that, as I said, we take very seriously and we really strive to make it the best experience for you and your family. 

So with that folks, I’m going to leave you with a, a short podcast this week. We’ll be back next week with another exciting episode of Non Toxic Environments. This week is not really exciting. It’s just more of an update to let you know what’s happening here in summertime, but next week, we’ve a couple of interviews lined up for the next few weeks. So we’re actually really excited about the shows coming up. So please let your family and friends and neighbors know about Non Toxic Environments. This is still the number one show on the entire iTunes platform for healthy home building and a healthy home design. Matter of fact, a shout out to our friends in Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, these countries have all shown up on iTunes as being large consumers of Non Toxic Environments in the last few months. So we really appreciate that. I would speak those languages if I could. And thank you personally, but we really appreciate the support. Let your family and friends know about the show, leave us a rating and a review on iTunes. We’d greatly appreciate it. We’ve had several come through in the last couple of weeks and we appreciate your support. We’ll talk to you again next week. Take care folks. 



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