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Creating a Healthier Life Balance with Modern Technologies

R Blank is an entrepreneur, technologist & author. He is the CEO of Shield Your [...]

Living in a Wellness Community – Steve Nygren, CEO of Serenbe

Have you ever dreamed of living in community that focuses on OUR health and well [...]

NTE Live w/Nikki Krueger: Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Today’s episode is all about moisture mitigation in our homes.We all know that excess moisture [...]

NTE Live: with Dr G

Dr. Gautam Gulati (commonly referred to as Dr.G) is a health artist, physician entrepreneur, award-winning [...]

NTE Live: Jenny Johnson I CIRS Healing Collective

Jenny Johnson joins today to discuss chemical and mold sensitivities, therapies and treatments,  and her [...]

NTE Live: Roy Suttles, KEIM USA

Imagine painting the exterior of your home and not having to think about it for [...]

NTE Podcast: DIY Home Health Test Kits with Enthalpy Analytical

Whenever I’m working with a new client who is trying to figure out an IAQ [...]

NTE Live! w/Allison Evans, Founder of Branch Basics

Allison Evans will be joining us to tell us all about the wonderful products her [...]

NTE Live! w/Ash & Sam Brockinton Surviving Toxic Mold

My friends, this is going to be an extremely emotional, hard-hitting conversation that I know [...]

NTE Live! w/ Michelle Ifverson

Michelle Ifversen is the founder and Environmental Wellness Design Director of Design Well Studios in [...]

NTE Live! w/ Sophia Ruan Gushee

I had Sophia on my podcast earlier this year and we had such a great [...]

NTE Live! With Heidi Kuimjian, Holistic Health and Nutrition Expert

Heidi joins me on the show this week to talk about her story of recovery [...]

NTE Live! w/ Amanda Klecker, Building Biologist

Amanda is a Certified Building Biology Practitioner through the International Institute for Building Biology where [...]

NTE Live! w/Sheila Alston – Healthy Home Media

What is WELLNESS REAL ESTATE? What is a wellness lifestyle community? Sheila and I will  [...]

NTE Live! w/ Michael Rubino – The Mold Medic

Michael joins me on NTE Live! this week to share his insights into the mold [...]

NTE Podcast: Jay Watts, VP of AFM Safecoat

This is an exciting episode for me today. After 4+ years and 150 episodes of [...]

NTE Podcast Announcement: URGENT announcement about Non Toxic Environments. We’re going LIVE!

After a 5+ year run and 150 episodes of the podcast, it’s time to make [...]

NTE Podcast: Talking Home Detox with Sophia Ruan Gushee

What a great way to start the new year! Sophia is an absolute pleasure to [...]

NTE Podcast: What’s New in ’22

The pandemic has made raw material supply very very challenging this year. So many of [...]

NTE Podcast: Who’s Influencing You?

I’ve started recording a show like this several times in the last few months, but [...]

NTE Podcast: And the Questions Keep Coming!

It has been quite a white since Jay and I had a chance to answer [...]

NTE Podcast: Prescriptions for a Healthy House, with Paula Baker-Laporte, FAIA

Its been a long time a comin’ but Jay and I are finally back at [...]

NTE Podcast: 30 Years and Still Going!

It’s amazing for me to think about when I started GDC way back in 1992 [...]

NTE Podcast: Keeping Your Home Healthy

We’ve spent countless hours on this show talking about building and remodeling, but now that [...]

NTE Podcast: Crisis Averted!

Jay and I take calls all the time from nervous homeowners as well as interested [...]

NTE Podcast: Current Costs of Healthy Building

Jay and I did a wonderful 2 part show a couple years ago on the [...]

The Powder Coater Podcast: Interview

I’ve done many podcasts and webinars in my career, but this ranks up there with [...]

NTE Podcast: Dr. Neil Nathan- Complex Medical Problem Solving

Jay took the keys to the NTE recording studio this week to interview Dr Neil [...]

NTE Podcast: Finding His Quiet Home

Mike Bender is an author, screenwriter, website founder, husband and father. He also happens to [...]

NTE Podcast: Post Pandemic Building and Design Trends

Every year around this time, paint companies and interior design firms start to promote what [...]

Wellness Mama Podcast: Andrew Pace on Creating Non-Toxic Homes Through Green Design Center

A legacy episode from September 2019! What an excellent show this was with Wellness Mama, [...]

NTE Podcast: Wow, Season 5 of NTE!!

That right folks, season 5 is starting off this week. Time really flies when you [...]

NTE Podcast: Everyone Deserves a Roof… A Hopeful Chat For The Holidays

This holiday season, we are still struggling with the pandemic, shipping issues all over the [...]

NTE Podcast: Off-Label Uses

Every once in a while, we’ll be on a project where we need to come [...]

NTE Podcast: What are we thankful for in 2021?

Sure, we’ve got plenty to complain about. Material shortages, price increases, yada yada. But as [...]

NTE Podcast: Tim Masters, Healthy Mattress Maker

We preach all about healthy building and making the bedrooms the healthiest rooms in the [...]

NTE Podcast: Healthy Home Build…In Their Own Words

Building a home is a massive challenge for most. Now, adding to this that you [...]

NTE Podcast: Health Hero, Tim James

While I normally leave the nutrition-related podcasting to others, this was one episode that Jay [...]

NTE Podcast: September Q & A’s

Oh boy do I love this time of year. You can feel the cooler weather [...]

NTE Podcast: Caroline Blazovsky, Healthy Home Expert

Even though I’m a trusted healthy home consultant and materials expert, I could never say [...]

NTE Podcast: How It All Began

A few years back when we started the podcast, Jay and I both did an [...]

NTE Podcast: Please help, my home is off gassing!

One of the most frequent calls we get. My walls, my carpet, my cabinetry is [...]

NTE Podcast: Healthy Home Building… Post Pandemic

Jay and I always appreciate the opportunity to talk with Jen and Rusty Stout from [...]

NTE Podcast: Independence Day 2021

Seems a whole lot different than a year ago, that’s for sure! As the word [...]

NTE Podcast: Non-Toxic Closet Systems

Many years ago, our local builders association constructed a model “green” home that achieved LEED [...]

NTE Podcast: An Interview with Michael Frerking, Living Systems Architecture

Stick frame, ICF, rammed earth, net zero… what does it all amount to when you [...]

NTE Podcast: Project Updates

Woo boy it has been a while since Jay and I have been behind the [...]

NTE Podcast: Is it time to rethink ICF?

I’m a huge fan of ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) construction… have been for years. It [...]

NTE Podcast: March Musing‪s‬

It’s been few weeks since Jay and I sat down together to talk about what’s [...]

NTE Podcast: Healthy Materials and Sustainable Space‪s‬

Jay steps up to the plate this week to knock out a great interview with [...]

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