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NTE Podcast Announcement: URGENT announcement about Non Toxic Environments. We’re going LIVE!

After a 5+ year run and 150 episodes of the podcast, it’s time to make [...]

Primer FAQ

Do you really need to prime before painting? We get this question a lot! Do [...]

Memorial Day Sale: Free shipping on qualifying flooring orders!

FREE SHIPPING ALERT! Memorial Day sale… ALL Flooring & Carpeting! Shop all styles and brands [...]

A message to our clients

Hello to my clients and friends. It goes without saying that we are all concerned [...]

The Toxic Home Transformation

Simple steps to take the toxicity out of your home! If your home is toxic [...]


Non Toxic Environments Podcast: Home, Health, & Wellness

  Non Toxic Environments is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussion and education of home, [...]

What Im Grateful For This Christmas….. a blog by Andrew Pace

2017 has been a challenging year for us here at GDC, but all of us [...]

At Home Formaldehyde Testing.. coming to your home soon!

The last home I inspected yesterday was an eye opening experience, to say the least. [...]


Repurposeful, giving materials new meaning to the community

HELP US GROW Help our community save literal tons of materials from the wastestream. VOTE [...]


EMERGENCY Formaldehyde Problems In Denver from TJI’s

An emergency blog post today, as we’ve just been made aware of an enormous health [...]

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