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NTE Podcast: Current Costs of Healthy Building

Jay and I did a wonderful 2 part show a couple years ago on the [...]

NTE Podcast: Independence Day 2021

Seems a whole lot different than a year ago, that’s for sure! As the word [...]

NTE Podcast: Non-Toxic Closet Systems

Many years ago, our local builders association constructed a model “green” home that achieved LEED [...]

NTE Podcast: An Interview with Michael Frerking, Living Systems Architecture

Stick frame, ICF, rammed earth, net zero… what does it all amount to when you [...]

NTE Podcast: Is it time to rethink ICF?

I’m a huge fan of ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) construction… have been for years. It [...]

NTE Podcast: Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) any help to us‪?‬

Oh boy, this is a hot, hot topic right now. People are stuck inside their [...]

NTE Podcast: New Year’s Resolutions

The holidays are over and the new year is upon us. Jay and I have [...]

NTE Podcast: The BEST of 2020

2020 was a challenge, of course. But here at NTE we were still able to [...]

NTE Podcast: Sustainability Disruption with Eric Corey Freed

In the field of environmental architecture and design Eric Corey Freed is truly a one [...]

NTE Podcast: Confessions of a Healthy Home Builder

Well, not really confessions, but its a deep look into the day to day dealings [...]

NTE Podcast: Midsummer Update

Short episode today.  Jay and I have both been so busy with projects that we [...]

NTE Podcast: Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons

You’ve all heard me say that no project ever goes perfectly smooth. Mother Nature can [...]

NTE Podcast: Our Own Personal Influencers

Last week, Jay and I talked about some of the more common myths and misconceptions [...]

NTE Podcast: Protecting our Homes From Above and Below

Roofing and waterproofing.  A couple things that Jay and I get asked about regularly, but [...]

NTE Podcast: Healthy Construction During COVID-19

While the nation is on lockdown, work still needs to be done. Today we speak [...]

NTE Podcast: Welcome to 2020

Oh its so nice to be back! Well, Im back anyways. Jay is still on [...]

NTE Podcast: Great Time To Give Our Thanks

The year is winding down and the holidays are upon us.  Today. Jay and I [...]

NTE Podcast: Hiring the Right IAQ Professional

You’re investigating noxious, unfamiliar odors in your home and need to hire someone. Where do [...]

NTE Podcast: Constructing a Healthy, High-Performance Home

Water is essential for life, yet can cause so much destruction.  Building a healthy home [...]

NTE Podcast: Taking a Pulse of the Healthy Building Industry

Jay and I were talking earlier this week about some trends in the healthy building [...]

NTE Podcast: Careful What You Sign!

I do not talk about these issues to alarm you into hiring me or buying [...]

NTE Podcast: Building Way Beyond Green

If you’ve been on the fence about building a new home, this is a MUST [...]

NTE Podcast: Starting a Healthy Home Related Business

Before I started GDC almost 30 years ago, I enlisted the help of a group [...]

NTE Podcast: Casual Conversation With a Real Healthy Home Builder

We interviewed Jen Stout from JS2 Partners a while back, just when they got started [...]

NTE Podcast: A Little Professional Advice

As a professional myself that deals with home health and wellness, I’m always excited to [...]

NTE Podcast: The Meaning behind #LeadNotLeed

About a year ago, after getting frustrated with my industry for the umpteenth time, I [...]

NTE Podcast: Customer Service Goes Both Ways!

If you are someone who suffers from chemical sensitivity or allergies, you know how difficult [...]

NTE Podcast: How to Hire a Healthy Home Consultant

Andy Pace has been a healthy home materials consultant for many years and has worked [...]

NTE Podcast: Green Building Certifications

Builders today have many green building certification programs to choose from when they decide to [...]

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