Why us?

Many companies sell “green” building materials… some even sell healthy products.

But what makes Green Design Center/Building for Health so special?
Why should you trust our recommendations over the others?  

  •  Experience.
    • GDC/Building for Health has been supplying healthy home materials since 1985.  Not only to consumers, but as a wholesale distributor to just about every other green store in the country.  
  • Expertise.
    • Our founder, Andrew Pace, created Degree of Green, which is the only product rating system designed to assist consumers with their purchasing decisions.  Andrew is also a frequent speaker at National building conferences, to educate the industry about the differences between green and healthy.
  • Rigorous Platform for Human Health.
    • We use the Degree of Green to asses all the materials we sell.  We can also help consumers determine their own personal Degree of Green so that the correct products are chosen based on whats best for them.  
  • Non Profit Education.
    • In order to validate the health and safety of the materials we sell, we have teamed up with Non Toxic Environments, which is a non-profit company that is dedicated to educating the public about the health hazards found in our homes.  NTE exclusively tests our materials for formaldehyde off gassing, as that has been deemed to be a key trigger for chemical sensitivity.  


The GDC/Building for Health staff are here to help.


If you or your family suffer from allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities,
or desire to avoid these issues altogether, we’re here to help you live in your home safely.