Color Matching & How to Send in a Custom Match

Important Color Matching Info

Please be aware that color matching is not an exact science.
  • Your color will be matched within 5% accuracy via spectrophotometer (computer eye). Formulas are typically 99% accurate, but please be aware prior to ordering that color matches may deviate up to 5% and be considered an accurate industry match. 

Please consider ordering test quarts or a CUP O’ COLOR 8oz sample size off the main paint listing before placing a large tinted paint order. Be advised we cannot tint off whites or very light colors in the 8oz size- please order a quart.

    • This is because the pigment requirements for off whites is too minuscule for the computer to shoot. Our eyes are too perceptive, and off whites are too nuanced, to create accurately in the 8oz size. For off white testing we must do a quart. 

Unless the mistake is ours. Please read our return policy.

  • Color matches can appear different when comparing to existing paint due to UV degradation, sheen differences, light differences, wear, tear, and age.
  • If we match your custom color and you choose to do spot touch ups, it WILL look different when compared to existing and we are not responsible to that end. Please be advised when choosing to do touch ups.
  • Paint can appear different in the can versus on a wall/cured. Please keep this in mind and report concerns about fully cured custom tinted paints promptly.
  • If you would like your paint tinted to a color by another color provider (ex Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams etc…) please feel free to type your choice color into the box provided on the product page when ordering.
  • Please include all information pertinent to the color such as full name and correct spelling, and any associated numbers.
  • Occasionally we do not have access to a formula for a color.
    • We may ask you to mail in a color chip so that we can accurately match your paint.

If you choose a color which has a high pigment content (a very dark color) we may be required to charge an extra $2-$8 per unit depending on product and size, as an additional tinting charge. We will contact you about the adjustment via email upon receiving the order.

  • Please mail a 1″x1″ (minimum) square of FULLY CURED, DRIED paint sample on card stock or heavier. Be sure to use a white background/substrate on an EVEN piece of material. If sending an already established sample of paint, please make sure the sample is free of debris and dirt. Any disintegrating samples are not scannable. Please do not use copy paper to mail in a paint match.
  • We will ask you to mail in a color chip when we do not have the color available for formulation in house, or if it is custom and unique to your project.
  • Please mail your color chip as directed below:
Mail color matches to

Green Design Center

Attn: Color Match

2201 Badger Court

Waukesha WI 53188