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Dr. Gautam Gulati (commonly referred to as Dr.G) is a health artist, physician entrepreneur, award-winning producer, and world-renowned keynote speaker who uses unconventional and contrarian methods to drive innovation in health. He’s currently on a mission to make chronic disease optional by applying the science of healthy design to our homes. By being a “sponge to the world”, Dr.G has an uncanny ability to identify problems, spot trends. As a sought-after expert, radical leaders looking to transform organizations into innovative powerhouses call on Dr. G to help think differently, escape the trap of mediocrity, and unleash creativity. Currently, Dr. G is the Founder of The Well Home, where he designs luxury interiors focused on health, longevity, and well-being; and also the founder of Well Played, a storytelling studio prescribing stories as a form of medicine.

He has over 20 years of hands-on experience as an award-winning innovation executive for a number of globally recognized brands and products. He’s a serial entrepreneur, advises numerous companies, and teaches the art of innovation at Johns Hopkins, Duke, and Singularity Universities. He has been invited to deliver hundreds of keynotes to help change the way leaders think at Marriott, SxSW, American Express, Roche, Merck, LG, TEDx and many more globally recognized brands.

Dr.G received his MD and MPH from The George Washington University, an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and is a certified Interior Designer from the New York Institute of Art and Design.

  • To learn more about his new venture called The Well Home, visit: https://www.thewellho.me and uncover patterns that most others often miss.
  • To learn more about Dr.G’s work or to book him as a motivational speaker, visit: www.iamdrg.com.
  • To listen to his award-winning storytelling audio docu-series on human resiliency, visit: www.superhumans.health

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NTE Live with Dr G



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