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NTE Live w/Nikki Krueger: Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Today’s episode is all about moisture mitigation in our homes.We all know that excess moisture [...]

NTE Podcast: DIY Home Health Test Kits with Enthalpy Analytical

Whenever I’m working with a new client who is trying to figure out an IAQ [...]

NTE Live! w/Ash & Sam Brockinton Surviving Toxic Mold

My friends, this is going to be an extremely emotional, hard-hitting conversation that I know [...]

NTE Live! w/ Amanda Klecker, Building Biologist

Amanda is a Certified Building Biology Practitioner through the International Institute for Building Biology where [...]

NTE Live! w/ Michael Rubino – The Mold Medic

Michael joins me on NTE Live! this week to share his insights into the mold [...]

NTE Podcast: Talking Home Detox with Sophia Ruan Gushee

What a great way to start the new year! Sophia is an absolute pleasure to [...]

Real Homes Article: 7 sleep experts share their must-have products that encourage better sleep

Your bedroom is the most important space to focus on human health. You spend 1/3 [...]

NTE Podcast: Wow, Season 5 of NTE!!

That right folks, season 5 is starting off this week. Time really flies when you [...]

NTE Podcast: Off-Label Uses

Every once in a while, we’ll be on a project where we need to come [...]

NTE Podcast: Healthy Home Build…In Their Own Words

Building a home is a massive challenge for most. Now, adding to this that you [...]

NTE Podcast: Please help, my home is off gassing!

One of the most frequent calls we get. My walls, my carpet, my cabinetry is [...]

NTE Podcast: Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) any help to us‪?‬

Oh boy, this is a hot, hot topic right now. People are stuck inside their [...]

NTE Podcast: Ozone Purification

Today we take some time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ozone generation for [...]

NTE Podcast: The BEST of 2020

2020 was a challenge, of course. But here at NTE we were still able to [...]

NTE Podcast: Midsummer Update

Short episode today.  Jay and I have both been so busy with projects that we [...]

NTE Podcast: Using Zeolites for Natural Odor Reduction

About 25 years ago, I was introduced to a natural mineral product called Deodoroc. This [...]

NTE Podcast: Whole House Air Purification Methods

Air purification is always a hot topic with our clients and even more so these [...]

NTE Podcast: Plucked straight from the mailbag

By request, Jay and I tackle a few questions from the mailbag this week including, [...]

NTE Podcast: Hiring the Right IAQ Professional

You’re investigating noxious, unfamiliar odors in your home and need to hire someone. Where do [...]

NTE Podcast: Offgassing….The Hidden Danger in our Homes

Jay and I today take a deep dive into the extremely important topic of chemical [...]

NTE Podcast: Naturally Reducing Mold, Bacteria and Viruses in the Home

We’ve all heard the many suggestions for killing off mold, but honestly, most of them [...]

NTE Podcast: Reduce Reduce Reduce

Here we are, the dog days of summer. Hot and humid. And while some of [...]

NTE Podcast: Mold, IAQ, Renting…We’ve Opened Up the Mailbag!

Today’s episode is kind of a grab-bag, mail-bag show, where we tackle some questions from [...]

NTE Podcast: Testing a Home for Formaldehyde Release

With someone suffering from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities, formaldehyde release can be extremely dangerous [...]

NTE Podcast: 7 Ways To Make Your Home Healthy, TODAY

I’ve worked with close to 20,000 people around the world who either suffer from severe [...]

NTE Podcast: Quick Take on the F.R.A.T System

Until now, the only way to measure, diagnose and remediate an elevated formaldehyde level in [...]

NTE Podcast: Healthy Bedroom Makeover

As an advocate for creating a healthy sanctuary in the home to help detox and [...]

Ozonation- Air Purification for the Whole House

Ozone shock treatment is a powerful method of odor elimination without the use of chemicals [...]

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