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Green Design Center/Building for Health

The Green Design Center was created in response to the growing demand from homeowners and contractors for home building and home improvement products that are green and healthy, and for design services with an expertise in green building products.

We’ve been handling green, healthy and sustainable home building products and related design services for more than 30 years, selling products and offering expert advice and services to conscious customers worldwide. In addition, we operate as the North American distributor for AFM Safecoat; paint and coatings created for the chemically sensitive.

We are keenly aware of what homeowners and contractors are looking for in green, healthy and sustainable products, and what products best meet those interests, and that experience makes us unique. While other retailers only recently have responded to demands for green and healthy home building products, our decades of experience have given us a deep knowledge of not only the products, but also the best ways to apply and install them.

Concerns for health, environmental impact, and sustainability are our MO. We can find the right product for your project. In addition to our custom recommendations, we know the specific applications for all the products we sell. So if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, we’ll share our knowledge and technical information so your application or installation experience is as smooth as possible.

Our crew is ready to help!

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9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Shane Hood says:

    I have an interesting situation.
    A woman has used the Safecoat product to stain her mulch for a landscaping project. She used it because it was non-toxic, however it seems to me that it isn’t the best use of the product and that unintended side effects of mixing with the mulch and direct application to any existing plants could be harmful. Could you weigh in?

  2. Mahsa says:

    Hi there, I’m based in New Zealand and we are about to start detoxifying our home. Are you familiar with products in NZ such as flooring (as we want to rip up the carpet), paint, and electricians to hardwire the house properly please? We are happy to have a consult with you if you can help in these areas. Many thanks.

  3. Debi says:

    Hello! Thank you for getting this important information out there. I am trying to find someone in my area for a consultation to test current pollutions in my home, as well as consult about future remodeling. Any suggestions?

  4. Linda davies says:

    I am an interior designer in Australia about to build a new home that will also be my show home and office. My husband is very sensitive to chemicals, is there a proper low voc paint I can get in Australia please? I wou;d like to tell y. Lie to about your service, I saw you on the to 0ic home summit, thank you for all your hard work in this field!!

    • Andy Pace says:

      Hello Linda..thanks for reaching out. Im so glad you had a chance to hear my presentation on the THT Summit. Im not very familiar with the paint market in Australia, so I cannot make a good recommendation for you at this time. However, I will look into it and get back to you!


  5. Deb says:

    I just listened to the interview from the Toxic Home Transformation. We recently purchased laminate flooring from Shaw Mfg. their claim is low VOC but…after hearing you, I’m wondering if you have any specs on the toxicity? Neither of us are having health issues (at 60ish) but would like to keep it that way. Thanks for any info you can provide!

    • Andy Pace says:

      Hello Deb… I have tested a number of Shaw flooring materials over the years, with mixed results. In order to help you, I would need to have you send me a cut-off piece of the flooring, then I could conduct a FRAT test on it to see if it is releasing any formaldehyde. That test runs $100, but is extremely accurate.


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