Deodoroc Deodorizers

Starting at: $4.95

Deodoroc is an unscented, fragrance free and non-toxic family of products that attract and absorb any type of chemical or organic odor from any material or area without the use of fragrances or chemicals, even penetrated surface areas. Re-useable, they can be recharged simply by being placed outdoors.

Deodoroc products are safe to use around pets, small children and in food handling areas. Made from naturally occurring minerals, the products are available in a variety of solid or granular forms and sizes. Each has been designed to be best suited for different applications. Deodoroc can be disposed of safely in composts, gardens or land fill sites.

  • Perky Pucks (2- 1oz discs per package) – Perfect for drawers, shoes, and sports bags or small areas of about 18 sq. ft.
  • Deodoroc Deodorizer Block (8oz)- Ideal for kitchens, musty rooms, closets, pet areas, recreational vehicles and automobiles or areas of about 130 sq. ft.
  • Deodoroc Refrigerator Block (8oz)- Specially formulated for use in refrigerators freezers to remove the full spectrum of food odors.
  • Deodoroc Carpet Deodorizer (granules in a 1lb container)- Use as an all-purpose deodorizer for any area or item,especially as an aggressive treatment for difficult odor problems

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