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Press kit

Andrew Pace appearances, media, articles, and blogs as your Healthy Home Concierge.

Healthy building expert Andrew Pace uses his 25+ years experience to dedicate to the discussion and education of home health and human wellness. With over 20,000 satisfied clients all over the world, Andrew has a keen awareness of the issues relating to chemical sensitivity, green building, mold remediation and toxicity reduction. As a healthy home consultant, Andrew continues to be sought after to assist on projects all over the world, but his true passion is to educate as many folks as possible, using this free platform. Andrew’s company GDC/Building For Health, continues to be the global leader of healthy home supply and education.

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We Truly Needed an Expert

“Healthy Home Concierge Andy Pace from The Green Design Center was instrumental in helping us create a non-toxic kitchen as our original plans were derailed. We truly needed an experienced green building expert to help us correct the course that would impact our health. “

Laura- Laura's Natural Life / Andrew Pace, Healthy Home Concierge

We Could Not Have Done it Without You

“Thank you for helping us through this process, we could not have done it without you.”

Patricia T. MD / Andrew Pace, Healthy Home Concierge

Healthy Home Concierge Weighs In

“As Healthy Home Concierge, who deeply researches products, I can say— Andy Pace has done his homework. And having worked with many clients with MCS, allergies, asthma— I can see he’s a true expert, the real deal. He’s right— try the best solutions available now, vs letting perfection paralyze you.”

Rerye / Andrew Pace, Healthy Home Concierge

This or Something Better

Building a Healthy Home with Andrew Pace: When we hear the word environment, we often think of the natural resources around us; water, soil, and air. After today’s episode you might agree that the most important part of our environment is not the outdoors but indoors in the home we live in.

Branch Basics

Non-Toxic Home Building with Green Design Center Founder Andy Pace: Andy Pace is a renowned expert in non-toxic and healthy building materials and has worked closely with Marilee over the years.  He founded Green Building Design in 1992 and has contributed to starting many similar businesses throughout his career. Allison and Andy discuss the importance of using healthy building materials, the difference between health and “green” building materials, and where to start.

Healthy House on the Block

Green Building Materials Advice with Andy Pace from the Green Design Center: When I stumbled upon The Green Design Center and The Non Toxic Environments Podcast, I knew I had struck gold in the healthy home world.  Andy Pace, the creator of both, I found out recently, is filled to the brim with knowledge to share on creating a truly healthy environment.

Redfin Blog

Expert Tips to Help You Achieve a Zero Waste Home: The transition to zero waste starts with the products we use to maintain our homes. Instead of purchasing multiple ready-to-use cleaning materials for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, etc., consider all-purpose cleaners… No chemical residuals, no fake fragrances. – Andrew Pace, Founder of The Green Design Center

Maison Pur: A Natural Living Podcast

Creating A Healthy Home With Andrew Pace. Ever feel overwhelmed trying to find the best non-toxic paint? Or maybe you want to remodel using non-toxic materials but you’re not even sure where to start? Andrew Pace, the Healthy Home Concierge, is here to help!

Architectural Digest

10 Easy DIYs to Boost Sustainability at Home, on your way to an eco-friendly abode. Do you swoon for scented home air fresheners? Time to nix the habit. “Synthetic chemicals are designed to mask smells, not actually remove them. After a period of time, they lose their scent, but the chemicals remain in the home,” says Andrew Pace, founder of The Green Design Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The Powder Coater Podcast

Episode 45: Fishing New Customer Streams to Bring Home the Greens. Today we speak with Andrew Pace, a green coatings specialist that helps everyday people find sustainable solutions for healthier environments in their homes, & businesses.

TMJ4: The Morning Blend

Go Green In Your Home with The Green Design Center – Building for Health. Building Biology of a home is trending and the main features are kill switches, flooring, air, paint and internet. Meet Healthy Home Concierge Andrew Pace.

Real Homes

7 sleep experts share their must-have products that encourage better sleep. Shop these sleep expert approved recommendations and tips for improving your overall sleep hygiene.

Men’s Health- February 2022

The Quiet House by Mark Bender: There’s getting sick, and there’s what this guy had: a decades-long struggle with a mysterious illness that short-circuited his nervous system and ransacked his body, testing his patience, his marriage, and his resolve. Then he built the house that just might save his life.

The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman

Green Living Guy Interview with Andy Pace from Green Design Center: Andy Pace started The Green Design Center. It was created in response to the growing demand from homeowners and contractors for home building and home improvement products that are green and healthy.

Wellness Mama

Episode 175: Andrew Pace on Creating Non-Toxic Homes Through Green Design Center: Do we need to consider whether or not the materials we put in our homes are toxic? Today’s guest Andrew Pace says yes! As a building materials expert he’s seen the problems in the industry and the effects of these supposedly “safe” materials firsthand.

Doing it Different with Carly Johnson

How to Build a Non Toxic Home with Green Building Expert Andy Pace: Andy Pace is a nationally recognized expert in green and nontoxic home building. He is truly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to choosing building materials that are safe for you and your family to live in many years down the road. I had the opportunity to work with Andy when I was building my own home and I’m excited for you to get a taste of some of the eye-opening information I have learned from him.

The Grateful RedHead Podcast

A paralegal turned hippie soap maker, ends up founding an eco-conscious business called Waste Free Products, dedicated to reducing single-use plastic from the planet by making 100% plastic-free, zero-waste household & body care products without the harsh chemicals.

Laura’s Natural Life

My Non Toxic Kitchen Remodel + Tips & Mistakes I Made (So You Can Avoid Making Them!) We remodeled our kitchen this spring and summer – countertops and backsplash. This may not seem like a huge overhaul, but for a chemically sensitive person little remodels are a big deal. It took me many years to even consider the possibility of a small remodel for health reasons.

Quintessential Barrington

Healthy Homes Make a Measurable Difference: Leeann and Rich Chang share the benefits of their healthy home. Consultation project with Andrew Pace of The Green Design Center.

Learn True Health

Human Health vs. Environmental Health: What You Need To Know About Achieving a Non-Toxic Home and Work Environment to Prevent Disease, Clean Air and Water, The Green Design Center, Andrew Pace

Pro Remodeler

Healthy Home Sanctuary: How to create a dedicated healthy space in the home by Andrew Pace

Decoding Superhuman

Constructing the Healthy Home with Andrew Pace: Andrew Pace is an expert in constructing the healthy home. Andy reveals the toxins hidden inside the average home, how to remove them, and simple home upgrades which will lead you to high performance.

Happified with Susan Vine

The Power of Healthy Building: Andrew Pace was born to build. His family has been in the construction material supply business since the 1930’s. After his personal experience with the toxicity of “safe” products, he committed his career to helping people have access to healthier products for safer homes.

I.E.P. Radio

Green Design Center with with Andrew Pace- Chemical Sensitivity Considerations: Are you chemically-sensitive? In this episode we discuss: general exposure concerns to chemicals & sources, understanding what you can really tell (or can’t!) by reading Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)/Safety Data Sheets (SDS), concerns of chemical reactions with one “product” applied on another, Formaldehyde Release Attenuation Test (FRAT) testing & more!

Around the House with Eric G & Caroline B

Healthy Building with Andrew Pace plus we talk a little Scotch and Whiskey: If you are remodeling or building we don’t want to pick the wrong products that might give us issues later. We talk with Andrew Pace, a nationally recognized expert on green and healthy building products. As founder of the oldest healthy building supply company in the United States, Andrew has become one of the single most helpful and educational experts dealing with the day-to-day concerns of those individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities.