Kemiko Stone Tone Buff on Wax


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Stone Tone Buff on Wax is a single component water based wax. This interior wax offers high protection and durability. Stone Tone Buff-On Wax is formulated to repel water and reduce scuffing and marring. It protects and maintains unsealed concrete, including over Kemiko Stone Tone Stain, and other unsealed substrates, such as tile, brick and masonry surfaces. Stone Tone Buff-On Wax is applied using floor buffing equipment and produces a low sheen finish that allows the substrate to breathe.

Interior Use

Low Sheen, Satin Finish

Water Based

High Protection & Extremely Durable

LEED Compliant

Water, Scuffing, Marring Protection

250-350sq ft per gallon
(will vary due to differences in concrete porosity)

Buff on Wax is usually applied in commercial situations.
For an easy to use, residential product that produces the same results, please see Kemiko Easy Shine.

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