Half & Half Tung Oil & Citrus Solvent Real Milk Paint Co.

Starting at: $6.00

A perfect blend of Pure Tung Oil and natural thinner. One part Pure Tung Oil mixed to one part Pine/Citrus Solvent. Most projects require the thick viscosity of Pure Tung Oil to be thinned in order to soak into surface. Perfect ratio for small to large projects. 

Half Pure Tung Oil and Half Citrus Solvent. Neat and efficient to combine both products for speedy results. Great for food safe projects like cutting boards, table tops and wood kitchen items. Half & Half also works great for raw wood floors, walls and outdoor furniture.

  • Quart – covers 100 square feet per coat
  • Gallon – covers 400 square feet per coat
  • 2oz samples available for $6 delivered.
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