Color Fan Decks

Starting at: $24.00

Color is the heart and soul of paint. Color is well known to impact mood and health: a beautiful space is the ideal setting for healthy living. Here, health is our top priority with our wide selection of paints available to you in thousands of appealing colors to fit your home or building project.

Choose from AFM’s original, unique Ayurveda Essence color palette designed for healing, harmony and balanced living. For more information on the Ayurveda Essense fandeck, click here.

Since 2018, AFM has launched a new color collection called Color Is… ColorGuild collection, which can be viewed online. To view these colors online, click here.

Keim fan decks available.

Shipping flat rate $5 to the contiguous US.

Good condition Color Is… decks can be returned for a refund, less ship cost.

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