EMERGENCY Formaldehyde Problems In Denver from TJI’s

An emergency blog post today, as we’ve just been made aware of an enormous health issue in Colorado due to building materials. Seems as though hundreds of homes are affected by a batch of TJI Joints made by Weyerhaeuser, in which a flame retardant coating is outgassing dangerous levels of formaldehyde. While this is horrible, its not new. Dozens of building materials used today release dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

How can GDC help? We offer several coatings that are made specifically to reduce and/or completely block formaldehyde. Applied according to factory directions, these coatings have been tested to reduce formaldehyde up to 100%. AFM Hardseal  AFM Acrylacq and AFM Polyureseal BP are the three coatings we absolutely recommend for these situations. Each one has there specific use recommendations, so please contact us with your requirements.

If you are not sure whether your home is affected or not, please contact Andrew Pace through his consulting portal to discuss hiring him to test your home for formaldehyde outgassing. Andrew’s consulting company offers a service unlike ANY OTHER available. They can test individual services in your home and determine within 30 minutes what the formaldehyde off gassing is and its accurate down to 1 ppb. All this is done IN THE HOME and does NOT disrupt surfaces. No guessing, no material removal, and most importantly, NO WAITING! Plus, this will allow you to remediate the surface that’s actually problematic and not spend thousands of dollars in “fixing” surfaces that aren’t a problem.

Consult with Andrew Pace

** UPDATE 8/4/17**

Several companies have contacted us about our solutions and test methods to prove the effectiveness. One in particular, Scott Home Inspection, has been digging deep into this and can help with the remediation and inspection efforts. Although the overall extent of the problem is not known yet, its good to know that professionals like Chris Scott are there to assist.

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