Introducing AFM Safecoat DuroTone!

The improvements of water-based stains over the last 20 years have meant woodworkers, hobbyists and homeowners can add beautiful semi-transpartent colors to wood while subjecting themselves and surrounding people to dozens of toxic chemicals.  AFM DuroStain goes one step further by reducing the toxic ingredients to zero while not sacrificing color.  But that while DuroStain has been very successful, especially those with chemical sensitivities, it didn’t go without some downsides.  Thats why we are so excited to introduce AFM DuroTone…the absolute gold standard in water-based, solvent-free stain technology.

Check out DuroTone for your next project!
Utilizing a combination of mineral pigments and safe water based dyes, DuroTone create a level of color vibrancy that has never been experienced before in water-based stains.  Application becomes easier with a viscosity similar to water itself.  This also means the coverage rate is 25-50% BETTER than our previous stains.  


Here’s the best part… DuroTone does not use acrylics that seal the pores of wood when cured.  Therefore, surfaces can then be sealed with any of the AFM wood finishes…including the penetrating oils!  Again, revolutionary with water-based technology.


DuroTone is now available in 11 colors and a clear, and can be mixed together to achieve custom colors to your liking. Since the coverage rate has been improved so much, AFM has released DuroTone in pint sized containers as well as gallons.  A little definitely goes a long way! We’re excited to offer this more user-friendly version of a nontoxic stain. Order some samples, let us know what you think!


Check out DuroTone here!


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