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Great for those who are looking for durable, sustainable, nontoxic alternative to synthetic carpet and rugs! Renewable, biodegradable, sound absorbent. Durable, soft underfoot, anti-static. As a wall to wall or area floor covering, Seagrass provides an option that is not only natural from the start, but one that is highly stain and soil resistant plus strong and durable. It’s clean woven finish creates the perfect backdrop for design.


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  • Fiber: 100% Fine Seagrass
  • Production Process: Flatwoven
  • Weight: 65oz/square yard
  • Height: 1/4″
  • Width: 13’2″
    • Broadloom roll width: 13’2″ (4 meters)
  • Backing: Natural Latex 

Installation Notes

Installation must be performed by someone with experience working with natural grass, or just a generally experienced installer. This is a glue down application, for which we recommend using AFM Safecoat 3 in 1 Adhesive with 1/8″ trowel. You cannot stretch & tack this like conventional carpet. Oversize cut the seagrass piece to the space/room and let acclimate 24 hours to experience natural expansion/contraction. After 24 hours, trim to proper size and then adhere to prepared subfloor.

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