Blue Bear Mastic Remover

Starting at: $14.95

Blue Bear Mastic Remover is an odorless, soy based mastic remover, formerly known as Franmar Bean-e-doo, and is ideal for use in occupied areas like post offices, schools, hospitals and other public places. Removing vinyl and ceramic mastic is a snap with this user-friendly product. Bean-e-doo was specially designed to remove asbestos mastic, dissolving it into a thick liquid.

It’s so easy and safe to use that Bean-e-doo is the only product to pass both performance and environmental safety tests by the USPS for the removal of asbestos containing mastic. With a flash point over 400 degrees, less than 3% VOC’s, non-toxic, and biodegradable, Blue Bear Mastic Remover can be used without complaint or disruption.


One gallon will generally cover between 100-200 sq. ft. Many customers report getting up to 200 sq. ft. per gallon.

*Not recommended for use on wood floors

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