NTE Podcast: On Vacation

Thank you all for listening to the show…Jay and I are on vacation for a [...]

NTE Podcast: Plucked straight from the mailbag

By request, Jay and I tackle a few questions from the mailbag this week including, [...]

NTE Podcast: Common Misconceptions

You’ve heard this from your contractor, or maybe read it in an online chat group. [...]

NTE Podcast: Is Chemical Sensitivity All in Your Head??

How many time have you heard THAT line…Its not real, its just in your head. [...]

NTE Podcast: The Cost of Healthy Building Pt2

In the second part of this topic, Jay and I discuss the costs of the [...]

NTE Podcast: The Cost of Healthy Building Pt1

There have been three myths about healthy building that are still believed to this day: [...]

NTE Podcast: New Fall Product Releases

Here in Wisconsin, our summers are typically a bit shorter than most of the country. [...]

NTE Podcast: Electropollution: The Silent Carcinogen

We have been SO EXCITED to bring you all an episode all about electropollution and [...]

NTE Podcast: Hiring the Right IAQ Professional

You’re investigating noxious, unfamiliar odors in your home and need to hire someone. Where do [...]

NTE Podcast: The Glue That Keeps it All Together

If you think about all the items that go into a new home build, most [...]

NTE Podcast: Should I Build New or Remodel?

Jay and Andy get many questions like this on a daily basis, so they thought [...]

NTE Podcast: New Flooring Options and Trends

On today’s episode, Jay and I talk about flooring options for your home.  We break [...]

NTE Podcast: Constructing a Healthy, High-Performance Home

Water is essential for life, yet can cause so much destruction.  Building a healthy home [...]

NTE Podcast: Offgassing….The Hidden Danger in our Homes

Jay and I today take a deep dive into the extremely important topic of chemical [...]

NTE Podcast: Taking a Pulse of the Healthy Building Industry

Jay and I were talking earlier this week about some trends in the healthy building [...]

NTE Podcast: Project Planning to Avoid Frustration

Its a common theme with many of our episodes.  Jay and I will always remind [...]

NTE Podcast: When Jay and I need Inspiration or Information

Neither Jay nor I can ever admit to “knowing it all”.  Far from it, in [...]

NTE Podcast: Monthly Mailbag and New Home Project Updates

This is our monthly episode where Jay and I open up the mailbag and answer [...]

NTE Podcast: Recent Formaldehyde Testing Results

There has been quite a bit of activity with formaldehyde testing in the last few [...]

NTE Podcast: A Substrate Soliloquy

I imagine you’ve heard an episode or two of this show, so you may know [...]

NTE Podcast: Adopting principals of Feng Shui to make your home a healthier space!

I’ll admit…Feng Shui has always been a little too ‘woo-woo’ for me.  And if I [...]

NTE Podcast: Why Do We Keep Doing the Same Thing?

As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and [...]

NTE Podcast: Monthly Mailbag Bonanza

We are definitely in the midst of the construction busy season, so Jay and I [...]

NTE Podcast: LIVE at Zuza’s Way, Pt 2

Part 2 of our live event from Zuza’s Way in Thiensville Wisconsin.  This episode is [...]

NTE Podcast: LIVE at Zuza’s Way, Pt 1

Oh boy this was a fun event!! So fun, that we had to break up [...]

NTE Podcast: Permission to Proceed, Good Time of the Year to Tackle Home Projects

Today’s episode is a fun mishmosh of topics related to household projects that are best [...]

NTE Podcast: Careful What You Sign!

I do not talk about these issues to alarm you into hiring me or buying [...]

NTE Podcast: Vastu Design-The Art and Architecture of Healing Spaces

Jay and I speak with Michael Gordon, who is arguably one of the worlds foremost [...]

NTE Podcast: A Conversation with Holistic Nutritionist, Selina Rose

Continuing with our theme of healing, today I get the pleasure of speaking with Selina [...]

NTE Podcast: Let The Healing Begin

This episode is the first of a series of shows we’ll be doing specifically about [...]

NTE Podcast: Interviewing My Hero, Debra Lynn Dadd

Today’s episode is a conversation I had recently with Debra Lynn Dadd. Debra is inarguably [...]

NTE Podcast: Building Way Beyond Green

If you’ve been on the fence about building a new home, this is a MUST [...]

NTE Podcast: March Mailbag Madness

Jay and I love all the mail we get from our listeners and clients.  So [...]

NTE Podcast: Starting a Healthy Home Related Business

Before I started GDC almost 30 years ago, I enlisted the help of a group [...]

NTE Podcast: Casual Conversation With a Real Healthy Home Builder

We interviewed Jen Stout from JS2 Partners a while back, just when they got started [...]

NTE Podcast: Healthy Home ‘Hacks’

Have you ever used one of our AFM Safecoat products in an unusual application and [...]

NTE Podcast: A Little Professional Advice

As a professional myself that deals with home health and wellness, I’m always excited to [...]

NTE Podcast: A Discussion about the Holistic Mom’s Network

I speak at many events throughout the year and this one is definitely going to [...]

NTE Podcast: Oh Boy its COLD Outside

I did an episode of NTE where I listed off some of the more common [...]

NTE Podcast: Round and Round We Go

A client asked me a while back, “what does a day for you really consist [...]

NTE Podcast: Lots of Home Projects

Now that the holidays are over and the house is getting quiet again, this a [...]

NTE Podcast: Welcome to 2019

After a much needed break to spend time with family and friends this past holiday [...]

NTE Podcast: Whats in Store for 2019?

For the final episode of 2018, Jay and I answer a few listener questions and [...]

NTE Podcast: Naturally Reducing Mold, Bacteria and Viruses in the Home

We’ve all heard the many suggestions for killing off mold, but honestly, most of them [...]

NTE Podcast: The Meaning behind #LeadNotLeed

About a year ago, after getting frustrated with my industry for the umpteenth time, I [...]

NTE Podcast: Customer Service Goes Both Ways!

If you are someone who suffers from chemical sensitivity or allergies, you know how difficult [...]

NTE Podcast: Giving Thanks

I know its a bit cliche to do a show about giving thanks this time [...]

NTE Podcast: Where There is Smoke

Jay and I decided to step back from our usual programming to discuss the wildfires [...]

NTE Podcast: Saunas, Yurts, Vans…What Else You Got For Me????

I think it’s clear to everyone, that Jay and I love to answer questions.  Really [...]

NTE Podcast: Top 5 Episodes for the Year So Far

3500 minutes of Non Toxic Environments this year to date and this episode is a [...]

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