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NTE Podcast: Post Pandemic Building and Design Trends

Every year around this time, paint companies and interior design firms start to promote what [...]

NTE Podcast: Healthy Materials and Sustainable Space‪s‬

Jay steps up to the plate this week to knock out a great interview with [...]

NTE Podcast: Beautiful Healthy Design with Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker is a world renowned interior designer, furniture expert, stylist, educator and a Lyme [...]

NTE Podcast: Welcome to 2020

Oh its so nice to be back! Well, Im back anyways. Jay is still on [...]

NTE Podcast: The Cost of Healthy Building Pt1

There have been three myths about healthy building that are still believed to this day: [...]

NTE Podcast: Electropollution: The Silent Carcinogen

We have been SO EXCITED to bring you all an episode all about electropollution and [...]

NTE Podcast: Adopting principals of Feng Shui to make your home a healthier space!

I’ll admit…Feng Shui has always been a little too ‘woo-woo’ for me.  And if I [...]

NTE Podcast: Vastu Design-The Art and Architecture of Healing Spaces

Jay and I speak with Michael Gordon, who is arguably one of the worlds foremost [...]

NTE Podcast: Lots of Home Projects

Now that the holidays are over and the house is getting quiet again, this a [...]

NTE Podcast: Creating a Healthy Home Sanctuary

This episode is a quick and easy take on creating your Healthy Home Sanctuary. When [...]

NTE Podcast: Healthier Ideas About Kitchen and Bath Projects

Kitchen and bath projects are pretty much our #1 topic when we open up the [...]

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