Kahrs Combo Underlayment


Available on backorder

Kährs Combo Underlayment is your easy to install flooring go to for sound deadening and moisture protection. Kährs Combo Underlayment is a two-ply polyethylene film with flexible polystyrene granules sandwiched between to provide a dual moisture barrier with a thickness of 3mm, with an excellent sound rating.

Like other quality underlayments, Kährs can help smoothen out any leveling imperfections of a concrete or wood subfloor. Their new “peel and stick” adhesive strip along the edge of the roll makes installation easy! Kährs new material meets or exceeds all known standards for moisture protection, impact strength, resistance to UV radiation and durability.

Kähr’s Combo Underlayment can be used under any flooring including floating bamboo, engineered hardwood, or heat radiant flooring systems. Kährs Combo Underlayment is completely odorless and does not off gas.

  • Sound Deadening — helps reduce noise between floors and walls
  • Heat Insulation — keeps out cold; helps control condensation on floors
  • Safe — no toxic off-gassing
  • Easy to install — peel off and stick seams
  • Moisture resistant — resists mold and mildew
  • Eco friendly — renewable resource; biodegradable
  • Convenient size — 3 mm x 36″ wide x 33′ long (100SF/roll)
    • 1/8 inch thickness.
    • 40 inches wide x 30 feet long to cover 100 square feet.
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