Forbo Flotex Canyon Sheet Flocked Floor Covering

Starting at: $53.38

Sold by the square yard.

Flotex is a unique textile floor covering that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Flotex is a strong and hygienic floor, and being completely waterproof, it is also the only truly washable textile floor. While designed originally for commercial settings, Flotex can absolutely be installed residentially for any area looking to enjoy the comfort of carpet, without sacrificing the health of the occupant. All dyes and inks used to create the Flotex designs are water based. No additional chemical processes take place other than high temperature steam treatment to secure the colors.

Flotex Canyon is a heavily grained semi-plain inspired by natural earth and rock. It has a distinctive strong texture with a medium contrast.

  • Durable

  • Easy to clean

  • Hygienic

  • Soil, stain, slip resistant

  • Odor elimination

  • Improved indoor air quality



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