Your packaging doesn’t seem green; what gives?


Much thought and consideration has gone selecting the proper methods, and we’d be happy to explain why we use the materials we do. We use PELASPAN-PAC® RECYCLED because it’s the best combination of weight, cushioning and eco-attributes.

✅ 100% recycled polystyrene

✅ Either green, pink or white  as US MILSPEC Anti-Static

✅ Meets Green Cross certification for post- and pre-consumer waste content

Other materials have been tried throughout the years…here are some comments:

🚫Cornstarch peanuts will dissolve with water, therefore, shipping companies will not pay a claim for damage if the carton gets wet during transit and the product inside get damaged due to the lack of packaging. These have proven to be completely useless. They can also ruin labeling, which is extremely unsightly and frustrating for consumers.

🚫Shredded cardboard will add 1-4# per each package, thus increasing shipping cost as well as overall carbon footprint. Much more material is used and it is not easily recycled.

🚫Crumpled newspaper is not accepted by UPS or FedEx. Completely ineffective.

🚫Foam-in-place materials add 100% to the packaging costs and are not eco-friendly in any way.

🚫Styrofoam of any kind is not amenable to our company goals

🚫Packaging air bags do not handle the weight shift of paints cans and will cut open too easily.

Based on our extensive use of packaging material and 20 years of research, we specifically use the PELASPAN-PAC peanuts. However from time to time, we will recycle any and all packaging material sent to us by manufacturers to eliminate unnecessary waste. Be assured it meets our packaging standards, and more importantly keeps it out of our landfills.

AFM Safecoat and all of our products are premium materials and we make every effort to get it into your hands in pristine condition. We want you to be completely happy with AFM from the point of purchase to the finished project, so please feel free to contact us in the future if we can offer any additional information or if you have any questions or concerns about how your order is packed. 

We appreciate the diligence with which our customers care.

Thanks for reading!