Our packaging methods

We are excited to announce that GDC is now
exclusively using PACE-PAK for all of its loose void fill for packages.

PACE-PAK is the smartest solution to your packaging needs. Made from 100% post-industrial cardboard waste and 100% recyclable after its use, PACE-PAK is strategically engineered in size and shape to offer the best eco-friendly support for your package.

●  Styrofoam peanuts are messy and cannot be easily recycled and will NEVER biodegrade.

●  Air bags pop, shift and provide very little containment of a product within a packing box.

●  Rolled paper crushes easily and loses its ability to cushion.

●  Corn starch/biodegradable peanuts disintegrate with moisture and will crush easily.

●  Foam-in-place cushioning is VERY expensive and is NOT recyclable.

PACE-PAK is custom engineered to retain buoyancy and cushioning throughout the package delivery, it is cost efficient and can be recycled in many ways including as garden or compost post use. PACE-PAK can be used to reduce weeds and increase carbon content in the soil or to simply recycle as part of your daily routine.

PACE-PAK was developed by a 30-year veteran of healthy home building materials, who is also the premiere retailer and e-commerce expert of healthy consumer solutions. PACE-PAK is 100% made in America!


AFM Safecoat and all of our products are premium materials and we make every effort to get it into your hands in pristine condition. We want you to be completely happy with AFM from the point of purchase to the finished project, so please feel free to contact us in the future if we can offer any additional information or if you have any questions or concerns about how your order is packed. 

We appreciate the diligence with which our customers care.

Thanks for reading!