Cali Bamboo: Turning the Tables on Vinyl

Thats right. You read vinyl. Cali Vinyl Pro….why do we recommend it? How can we?
Its been a long standing traditional here at GDC to avoid all things plastic. Vinyl, PVC…whatever you want to call it…its been avoided at all cost. Why? I think that’s been pretty obvious to those who are trying to live a healthier life. The issues with chemical outgassing from vinyl range from being endocrine disrupters and human toxins, down to just being plain annoying due to the smell. Well, prepare to be blown away because….for the first time ever, Andy Pace has actually given his stamp of approval on the new Cali Bamboo Vinyl PRO flooring.  
WHY? HOW? First off, this is not an average vinyl floor. It is actually more limestone than it is vinyl. Two-thirds of the makeup of this flooring is crushed rock, not plastic. Second, there is NO VINYL SMELL!  Third, Andy tests everything we sell with a proprietary method for formaldehyde off gassing, and unlike most manufactured products like this, the Cali Vinyl has ZERO FORMALDEHYDE OFF GASSING! Nada. None, zip. 00pp/b
Combine these stats with a 50 year warranty, durability beyond remarkable and a price point thats really unbelievable…this is certainly one of our best recommendations for 2018.


At a glance

  • 10mm Superior Wear Layer
  • Easy to Clean
  • HiFi Imaging
  • Waterproof
  • Fast, easy drop & lock install
  • ZERO Formaldehyde Offgassing
  • ZERO Vinyl Smell
  • 50 year Residential Warranty / 15 year Commercial Warranty


5 thoughts on “Cali Bamboo: Turning the Tables on Vinyl

  1. Alyssa says:

    Hello – it wonderful to find a product that has no formaldehyde offgassing. I’ve been reading however that any natural stone or tile product can have lead. Has this product been tested for lead?

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