AFM Safecoat Roofguard


Safecoat DynoFlex RoofGuard is a unique, high performance, water based, low odor roof coating suitable for properly primed roofs. It is mildew and water resistant and resists weather elements. RoofGuard has excellent bridging qualities and can be used to patch, seal and bridge hairline cracks. DynoFlex RoofGuard provides excellent elongation and waterproofing qualities when applied at proper film thickness. RoofGuard adds surface reflectivity to help control roof heat gain.


100 square feet per gallon. Rougher or more porous surfaces may require more material. 15 mils dry film thickness is recommended for best protection. Maximum pro- tection can be achieved with use in a roof system when applied with Safecoat DynoSeal for a total dry film thickness of 30 mils.

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