Caliwel: Breaking Industrial Molds

Those who know me can certainly attest…I can, and often do, talk about building materials until every last factoid has been stated.  I’m what you would call a materials geek.  Ask me to read a fiction novel and I’ll cringe…protest maybe.  Give me a 35 page technical manual complete with electrical schematics and I might hug you.  Admittedly I was a horrible student 30 years ago.  Somewhere during my career formation, I found the formula to what drives me. Facts.  Especially when those facts contribute to (or elude) a healthy home environment.

Why do I tell this little story?  Well, probably because what I’m about to tell you still doesn’t seem believable to me, so I KNOW you’re going to question it too.  But trust me…I’ve fact checked this stuff and I’m blown away.

In a perfect situation, I’d advocate the use of natural, healthy and breathable wall assemblies, which completely eliminates the possibility of mold growing in your walls.  Mold needs a food source, moisture and heat to proliferate.  Choosing the correct materials and making sure they are installed correctly is an almost foolproof recommendation.  However, in the real world, these materials aren’t used.  Builders and remodelers use products they are used to: papered drywall, vapor barriers, acrylic paints, etc.  I’ll stop short of guaranteeing a future mold problem, but the chances are VERY high.  So what can you do? One simple addition… an inexpensive insurance policy… easy enough for any contractor or homeowner to do.  Caliwel Industrial Coatings.

Caliwel is certified by the EPA as a mold killer. It’s so effective that it keeps mold from coming back for 5 YEARS.  Applied as a preventative coating to the cavity walls…over the sheathing and the wood studs… Caliwel eliminates the inevitable and eliminates the possibility.  Here’s the unbelievable but true thing…Caliwel does it without any human health hazards or toxins.

Caliwel uses lime to raise the pH of the surface so high (above 12) that mold cannot live.

Yes, you read that correctly. Caliwel is toxin-free AND effective against mold.  Guaranteed. Caliwel will also kill bacteria, viruses, even MRSA on contact.

GDC/Building for Health is your exclusive supplier of Caliwel to the green and healthy minded customers throughout North America.  Whether you need 2 gallons for a small bathroom remodel, or 200 gallons for a new build, we can’t wait to assist you with this groundbreaking technology!

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