Stone Tone Stain- Application Guide

  1. Surface preparation –  Assuming your concrete is fully cured, and in good sound condition*, use a non-residual cleaner such as AFM Safechoice Super Clean (follow product dilution rates). Scrub the surface with a clean, natural bristled push broom or something comparable. We recommend vacuuming up the excess water/dust/dirt, so that it does not re-dry onto the surface. Let dry until the concrete is no longer noticeably damp.
    1. Make sure any baseboards, trim, walls are covered and taped with a plastic drop cloth. This product is corrosive and will ruin non-concrete material.
    2. *Any coatings, sealer, adhesives, tape residue etc… MUST be fully removed for the stain to penetrate and react.
  2. Applying – Mix 50/50 with water. 2 gallon solution covers about 800 square feet in our experience.
      1. Typical marbling look: Use a garden sprayer ($15-25 at any hardware store, we recommend plastic/disposable sprayers for this product) to randomly spray the stain onto the concrete. Don’t worry or try to correct pooling or puddling, as this is what creates the beautiful marble patterns.
      2. Patterns/even coverage: Using a paint brush, tape off your design and apply evenly with a sponge brush or micro pad for larger areas.
      3. When using BLACK stain– Use provided filter to filter out sediment before mixing 50/50 with water. This is normal.
    1. After finishing the first coat, let the stain sit on the surface overnight. Stain will begin reacting with lime in concrete immediately after application and will foam slightly. After product has dried overnight, at this point you may think you’ve ruined your floor due to it’s appearance…DO NOT PANIC. This is a typical, and you haven’t ruined a thing! 
    2. Apply second coat same as before. If mixing colors, decide before applying which will be your dominant color (first coat).
      again… DO NOT PANIC. It’s suppose to look horrible at this point, we promise.
    3. Scrub/rinse excess stain off surface with either baking soda/water mix, or Super Clean/water mix, several times over. Use the wet/dry vacuum to remove excess stain and water. Do this until no more stain pigment comes off the surface when touched.
    4. Let surface dry- fans help!
    5. Wash out your garden sprayer well.
Stone Tone Sealer
  1. When stained surface is dry and free of excess stain, put undiluted Stone Tone Sealer into garden sprayer. Spray onto the surface and use a microfiber floor pad to even out the coating.
  2. Put on 2 thin coats; this sealer gets great coverage and cures better when thin coats are used.
    1. Let sealer dry a minimum of 1 hour between coats. The coating should not feel sticky when it is ready for the second coat.
Buff on Wax– Maintenance option
  1. Apply buff on wax via garden sprayer. Even out with microfiber pad, let cure.


CAUTION! CONTAINS ACID, HIGHLY CORROSIVE! Use safety goggles, rubber gloves and protective clothing.



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