QuietWalk+ Underlayment for Floating Floors


QuietWalk+ has a high standard of construction achieves the GreenGuard Gold certification one of the highest qualifications used to keep products safe for indoor residential usage. Unlike many current household products, QuietWalk doesn’t release harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or chemicals which keeps your air clean and you healthy.

QuietWalk+ Underlayment for Floating Floors is a premium 100 sq. ft. flooring underlayment choice allowing firm support for multiple types of flooring with great acoustic benefits. Built with sound reduction and water protection in mind. The DriWick Technology in QuietWalk+ premium acoustic underlayment for floating floors relies on a blend of antimicrobial treated recycled fibers that will wick away subfloor moisture while protecting flooring materials.

  • Specs: 100SF roll / 33.33 ft. x 3ft x 1/8 in
  • Use On: Floating laminate, engineered, and bamboo flooring. Floor installation must not require glue, nails, or staple application. 


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