Safe T Air Tea Tree Deodorizer


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Seeks out and destroys
Mold ● Mildew ● Bacteria ● Fungus ● Odors

Safe T Air is made from natural Tea Tree Oil This essential oil is nature’s most powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial and deodorizer.

Create a more healthy indoor environment where you live, work and play using Safe T Air with natural Tea Tree Oil.

What is Safe T Air?

Safe T Air is water based technology that uses the power of Tea Tree Oil to effectively clean indoor air.

How does Safe T Air work?

Utilizing the existing air flow within the structure, Safe T Air delivers Tea Tree Oil to the indoor environment through evaporation.

The Power of Tea Tree Oil!

Tea Tree Oil is a completely natural product obtained from a renewable resource. It is widely recognized as nature’s most powerful and effec- tive broad-spectrum fungicide / germicide / biocide.

Safe and Easy to use:
  • Simply remove the lid and place in affected area.
  • Non-hazardous and non-caustic.
  • Works quickly and easily: starts working immediately to seek out and destroy odor causing mold and bacteria.
  • Affordable: each container provides affordable protection and creates a healthier environment for pennies a day.

14oz container