AFM Naturals Multipurpose Primer

Starting at: $16.90


Safecoat Naturals products are organic, plant-based finishes that protect and beautify your environment safely, naturally and sustainably. Entirely sourced from natural earth based plant and mineral components, Safecoat Naturals products are the first truly practical architectural coatings incorporating plant-based chemistry. Like the bark on a tree, they create a breathable layer inspired by Mother Nature herself – fully biodegradable, emitting no toxins and containing no harmful solvents, preservatives, dryers or other irritants that can contribute to poor indoor air quality or endanger your health. Safecoat Naturals Performance Primer provides a superior prime coat indoors or outdoors on previously painted walls, ceilings, wood and wood trim, fully cured plaster (below 10 pH), stucco and masonry.


Based on natural vegetable oils and plant and mineral extractives, this product is free of lead, cobalt and citrus drying compounds. Contains no biocides or harmful preservatives. See material safety data sheet for more information.


One gallon of Safecoat Naturals Primer covers approximately 300-350 square feet in one coat, depending on method of application and surface texture and porosity. One full coat is generally sufficient for most jobs. Some water-soluble stains may require blocking with Safecoat Safe Seal and a spot coat of primer for a complete seal. Product may be tinted for best results under deep, accent or transparent colors.