Kirei Mura EchoPanel Acoustic Tiles



Design aesthetically and acoustically winning interior spaces with the infinitely customizable and ecologically sound EchoPanel acoustic panels and tiles. Take the next step in functional, beautiful, sustainable design.

Kirei EchoPanel tiles are a decorative surface finish offering acoustic performance with a felt-like face finish. Panels and tiles are produced from 100% PET, with up to 60% recycled content, reducing landfill usage and enabling recycling at the end of life.

Mura Tiles are a quick and easy sound solution to your busy space! Thermoformed Mura Dune and Wave tiles are lightweight and highly sound absorbent, thanks to their hollow backing. The Dune & Wave Tiles can be easily installed using the speed clip system and come in 10 vibrant colors to boost the design in your space.


Dune – 32.28 SF/box, 9 tiles per box
Wave – 32.28 SF/box, 9 tiles per box

Price per box.


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