EZ Breathe Basement/Crawlspace Ventilation System

The EZ Breathe® will draw on the most readily available air and works most effectively when that air is from your upstairs and your upstairs air is dry. Your upstairs air is driest when you condition it with your furnace or air conditioner. Allowing your EZ Breathe to draw air from an unconditioned source, (i.e. open windows or open doors) may lead to increased humidity. The humidity content of the replacement air that is being drawn down to your EZB unit will directly impact its performance, causing spikes in relative humidity and moisture content.

Basement Model A-400 Product Specs

This unit is typically for a basement or a slab on grade construction.

  • Service area: 7000 sf
  • Air flow: 138 cfm
  • Noise level: 35 dB
  • 110 volts
  • .3 amps
  • 31 watts
  • Single phase
  • Base motor size – 8” x 20” x 6” and weighs 10 lbs.
  • 11” wide x 1 ½” deep x telescopes up to 10’ tall
  • Entire unit weighs 27 lbs

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