Caba Barkskin Wall Coverings


Caba Barkskin is an organic, hand-pounded bark material which comes in several natural, and designer colors. The sturdiest material in it’s class, Barkskin is versatile in its uses and easy to apply.

Due to the handmade nature of the product, each piece is unique. The depth of visible texture and color is exceptional and can give the look of stone, parchment or leather. The application are endless for Barkskin!

  • Wall coverings
  • Creative veneer for cabinetry
  • Crafting
  • Fiber arts

Each sheet of Barkskin has a rough side and a smooth side. Apply based on preference.
Rough side: slight texture, usually richer in color than the smooth side
Smooth side: even textured

  • Available in 3 sizes- 16″x24″, 24″x32″, and 48″x96″
  • Price per roll.
  • Please note: Because of the natural content in this product, Cinnamon arrives considerably darker than what is pictured.
Application is simple! See below for details.

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