Austin Air Baby’s Breath Air Purifier



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Austin Air cleaners deliver a complete filtration solution, removing a wide variety of particles, sub-micron particles, chemicals, gases, micro-organisms and odors. This includes such things as dust, mold, pollen, tobacco smoke, chemical vapors, gases, viruses and bacteria.

Who should consider the Baby’s Breath Air Purifier?
  • Parents and grandparents looking to improve the nursery air environment to healthy, fresh, clean air
  • Those concerned with the effects on the baby from dust particles, gases emitted from furniture, rugs, outside industrial gases etc.
  • Health conscious families
Why is the Baby’s Breath Air Purifier the best choice?
  • Uniquely designed to protect your baby from air contamination
  • Removes particles in the air including dust, pollens and gases called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from indoor sources
  • Ensures a healthy nursery environment
  • Removes viruses and bacteria
  • Will cleanse the air for areas up to 700 sq. ft.


Filter Makeup: Military Carbon cloth and True Medical HEPA, combination called HEGA
Recommended for: Babies, allergies, asthma and smoke
Filter Life: 5 year guarantee
Coverage: 700 square feet
Colors: Blue and Pink
Benefits: HEPA is placed before carbon cloth prolonging the life of the filter. Light weight for easy filter changes.

Shipping included to the contiguous United States!