OdorOut AFM Safechoice Deodorizer

Starting at: $25.99


OdorOut is unscented, VOC free and environmentally friendly. It is friendlier to people, pets and plants and is ideal for those suffering from allergies or chemical sensitivities. If you cannot tolerate most perfumed deodorizing products, or simply want a better and more sustainable solution, then this product is for you.

SafeChoice OdorOut breaks down and eliminates a variety of odors: fire and cigarette smoke, urine, cannabis smoke, food waste, mold and body odors. SafeChoice OdorOut relies on a patented technology based on colloidal silica, the main ingredient in sand, modified with ions with well-established anti-odor properties.

VOC free & completely environmentally friendly.

USE ON: Use on porous contaminated surfaces. Do not apply to mirrors, windows, plastic, and leather.

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