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19 thoughts on “Contact Us!

  1. Julie B says:

    Hi! I want to find some wood stain for a child’s toy. Do you have anything that would work? I’m looking for green. Please let me know! Thank you!

  2. Karla Boudreau says:

    I am finishing hardwood floors and wanted a product that is lowest in VOC’s for my asthmatic child. The floors will get a great deal of direct sunlight. I noticed that there are no UV inhibitors, is this a concern given the direct sunlight

    • Andy Pace says:

      Hello Karla…thanks for reaching out. Clear finishes themselves really dont provide any UV protection….even the products that claim to have this feature are pretty disappointing. In order to keep the wood (and more importantly, your furniture and wall art) from fading, you must install good window treatments. Also, if you plan on staining the wood prior to applying the AFM Polyureseal BP, remember that the darker the stain, the better the UV protection.

  3. Lauren says:

    Do you help design floor plans? We are in the beginning process
    Of building a home and want to make the best choices every step of the way.

    • Andy Pace says:

      Hello Lauren… we do not help design floor plans, but certainly work with several individuals who do. Do you have a builder yet? Where is the project?

      • Lauren says:

        We are in GA in the suburbs of Atlanta. We have a builder we like, but we have not finalized anything with him.

        • Andy Pace says:

          OK… So your best bet is to see if this builder has any floor plans that are close to what you want and can be customized for you. Then, you’ll have to see if he is willing to work with a consultant (me) who will be approving all materials used, to make sure they are the healthiest options.

  4. Marian says:

    I listened to your segment on the Toxic Home presentations. It was very informative and helpful.

    I am currently getting ready to move into a condo where there used to be a smoker. When I go in, I still smell the remnants of smoke. Two months ago they painted all the walls with latex paint, 2 coats. But, you can still smell it.

    As you suggested, if I clean the walls and then paint with the AMF paint, do you think that might help. People are suggesting using Kilz as a primer but I am concerned about the chemicals.

    I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks so much.

    Marian Dorna

    • Andy Pace says:

      Unfortunately, the latex paint application probably re-emulsified the smoke smell. The walls should have been thoroughly washed and rinsed first. You could apply one coat of the AFM Transitional Primer, then 2 coats of Safecoat paint. I recommend a REALY good air purification system as well. HealthMate+

  5. Mary Toller says:

    Can your interior paints be used to paint a wood floor in a bedroom ?
    I’m so glad I found out about your products !
    Thank you ,
    Mary Toller

    • Andy Pace says:

      Hi Mary… For painting a wood floor, I recommend one coat of the AFM Transitional Primer, 1-2 coats of the AFM Exterior Satin paint, then 2 coats of the AFM Polyureseal BP Clear. The surface needs to be sanded and ready to receive paint. Please call if you need any additional information.

  6. Marie says:

    Hi my family and I are looking for a good builder in Illinois who will offer allowances on materials, such as the ones you recommend and be completely open to what we want to use . We want the least toxic home for humans as possible while still staying within a budget we can afford and I’m worried with all of the choices I have to request that I will have a hard time finding one that does not go much over what we can afford. I prioritize this though , as it is VERY important to have a healthy home . Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Andy Pace says:

      Thanks for the note, Marie. I cannot give you any specific recommendations at this time, but please keep in touch via our newsletter, and our educational website
      I will be publishing lists of recommended contractors, architects and consultants starting soon.

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