Earth Weave Catskill Rug Collection

Earth Weave Catskill Rug Collection


Earth Weave’s newest product uses either raw natural colored wool or OrganoSoftColor™ dyes (organic). Earth Weave’s commitment to use absolutely no toxic stain, fire retardant treatments or mothproofing chemicals is unsurpassed in natural carpet selections. Producing only natural wool floor coverings that are innovative and high quality, Earth Weave’s newest collection can be used for both residential and light commercial applications.

The OrganoSoftColors line are truly unique carpets that brings a style and luxurious texture. OrganoSoftColors has a natural backing system without toxic mothproofing or chemical stain protection treatments to promote clean indoor health for your family. Catskill is described as a chunky, variable texture, cut-pile.  This product exudes softness and style, and newfound color choice in the wool carpet game.

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Product Description

Earth Weave Catskill Rug Collection 


Q: Are your carpets durable? How long will they last?

A: Many of the synthetic flooring manufacturers would have you believe that wool carpet with jute backing is not as durable as the products they make. This is simply untrue. In fact, wool carpeting has a “useful” life of 20-25 years before it needs to be replaced. Typical synthetic residential carpets will need to be replaced about every 7 years. The synthetic carpets do not wear out per se, they just “ugly” out. Meaning they are no longer aesthetically pleasing to look at. They will however stay around in a landfill for an extremely longtime. Some estimates are that they will be around at least 10,000 years. Durable materials (wool carpeting) require less frequent replacement, generate less waste, and may also realize lower long-term costs. Having such a long useful life will reduce the cost per year as well the carpeting’s impact on the environment.

What is your stance on the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle)?

A: We are very serious about the environment and protecting it through the proper implementation of the THREE R’s. We do everything we can to REDUCE waste – whether electrical or physical. Earth Weave’s twist on the reuse and recycle part is that we feel these are best accomplished through Mother Nature. Since the beginning of time, nature has been able to perfectly “REUSE” natural materials that are discarded into the environment. Although there is no waste in this system, the nutrients most often do not replenish Earth in exactly the same state. As an example, leaves fall to the ground, bio-degrading to become nutrients for all sorts of living plant life. Of course the nutrients are therefore RECYCLED into the natural world. It really is a perfect system but it depends on natural raw materials at the both the input and output stage.

Q: Where does your wool come from? 

A: We use British Wool due to its excellent crimp and fiber characteristics. The breeds we use are the finest available. The sheep are raised in a free range environment. They are outside in all types of weather, both harsh and pleasant. This dynamic environment causes the sheep to grow a very hardy fleece that allows us to produce the highest quality carpeting. Through all the elements – durability reigns supreme.

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