AFM Deckote Concrete Floor Paint

AFM Deckote Concrete Floor Paint


Safecoat Deckote Concrete Floor Paint is a unique waterborne semi-gloss coating for use on dimensionally stable decks including concrete, magnesite, walkways, breezeways, patios and basement floors. Safecoat Deckote Concrete Floor Paint dries to a hard, tough coating yet contains no offensive solvents, fumes or odors. It dries quickly, cleans up with water and provides a tough monolithic film for lasting protection on properly prepared surfaces.

Tintable to thousands of colors with zero VOC colorants. If you would like your paint tinted to a color by another color provider (ex Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams etc…) please feel free to type your choice color into the box provided. Please include all information pertinent to the color such as full name and correct spelling, and any associated numbers.

*Thousands and thousands of colors are available, but occasionally we do not have access to a formula for a color. We may ask you to mail in a color chip so that we can accurately match your paint.


  • If you choose a color which has a high pigment content (a very dark color) we may be required to charge an extra $4-$6 per unit as an additional tinting charge. We will contact you about the adjustment via email upon receiving the order.
  • Color matching is not an exact science. We use a computer to read color and produce formulas and is typically 99% accurate, but please be aware prior to ordering that color matches may deviate up to 4%. Please consider ordering test quarts before placing a large tinted paint order.
  • There are no returns on tinted paint.

Dries to a hard enamel finish. Free shipping for samples so that you may test for adhesion and/or personal tolerance. SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE IN WHITE ONLY. 



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Product Description

Safecoat Deckote Concrete Floor Paint is a unique, high performance, ready to use, waterborne coating designed primarily for use on dimensionally stable floors and decks including interior or exterior concrete, masonry, stone and brick. It is ideal for walkways, breezeways, tennis courts, patios and playgrounds. Can be used on primed and properly prepared wooden surfaces with varying degrees of success depending upon environmental conditions and nature of use.

Deckote dries quickly to a tough, semigloss sheen film for lasting protection on properly prepared surfaces. Safecoat Concrete Floor Paint is virtually odorless on application and is available in bases for tinting to a wide variety of colors. It is compatible with other Safecoat sealers and coatings to provide additional finish protection, durability and appearances, and worn areas are easy to recoat and repair.

COVERAGE: Approximately 350 square feet per gallon of Deckote in one coat depending on surface porosity.

CLEAN-UP: Clean tools and equipment while they are still wet with a solution of SafeChoice Super Clean and warm water. If Safecoat Deckote Concrete Floor Paint is allowed to harden on tools, it will be necessary to use lacquer thinner or stronger solvents.

Surface prep, application, and curing time. All bases available.

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